Some covid business to start with are:

Short-form Content Creation

short-form content creation, so why is this industry so hot right now during cove short-form media overthink about youtube shorts and TikTok and Twitter threads so here’s an incredible story of an entrepreneur who hopped on this trend so henry and Dylan just graduated from college two years ago and they didn’t want to get regular jobs sounds like most of us so one of their hustles was starting their podcast sharing this business journey they didn’t want to edit the show themselves or do anything because millennials but they did want to create clips for social media so hired an editor producer in the Philippines to do everything for their shout out the Philippines love those people out there they realized that they could offer this service of automating the podcast production to big-name podcasters today they work with my first million the all-in podcast

Long-form Content

Download some of the long-form content that these people have already posted online and figure out a way to turn that into unique short-form content. Once you’ve created some of this content, reach out to these businesses if you’ve done something so good that aligned with what they’re already working on. I promise you they’ll respond and at least start building a relationship and not already start paying you money to do this as a career. That’s a good one all-right business opportunity.

Nearly Cleaning Services

  • cleaning services yes I love businesses t that’s how you get rich so this industry is red hot right now why because all of us were stuck in our houses and all of us now with all like the hand cleaning and the mass and stuff we came more cleaner as a society which is a good thing here are some examples of entrepreneurs who started hopping on this trend r0.com
  • they are the world’s first dedicated to making spaces safe clean intelligent and sustainable through disinfection it looks like a UV ray killer that you put in your house that’s pretty damn interesting, so lights are capable of destroying almost 100 of pathogens in a room within minutes the hardware costs typically 60 to 125 per unit but for the founders of this r0 product they reverse-engineered the tech aka they copyrighted it from someone in that probably a country in the east and created a more affordable version their subscription starts at just 154 rs a day
  • I like that they played with the business model so if there are businesses that are really really expensive like it sounds like the UV light maybe figure out is there an alternative either on the pricing that they did or in a product that you can make it much more affordable and they’ve been able to get a lot of customers at schools restaurants senior care facilities sports arenas and jails they
  • have done 15 million in sales in less than a year

Get started right now

so that’s a really excellent example but you might be thinking that’s really high tech for us average people how do we actually do this in a weekend so how can actually get start right now so if you’re interest in this category of being home cleaning which you could do more advance like the one i just told you about or just standard home cleaning one ask your friends go to your network say hey who in my network actually wants home cleaning done and if they’re like Nah dog we’re good ask them to refer any of their friends yes that’s how almost every single business starts

Pet Sittin

I love this one pet sitting so no it’s not just you sitting and the pet is sitting is it actually going out and either walking dogs or helping sit for dogs while people are traveling rates from shelters in terms of more adoptions in the year 2020 were up over 12 as the world is going back to offices or people saying hey maybe i want to travel and people are wanting to start doing the things they used to do they’re going to be like yeah damn i need someone to help me take care of my pet while i am traveling so this is going to even become a more significant industry.

I love this one barking springs dog grand so it’s a four acre dog ranch 10 minutes from the austin airport and what they’re doing differently which is really interesting is the dogs can run around and be dogs on four acres of land it’s a small family business and the owners also live on the property here’s a crazy thing how much do you think this costs a day 43 a day that’s 12000 rs a month that is more expensive than most people’s apartments

About rover.com

but if you have a dog and you’re traveling it’s worth it to know that your dog is taking care of safe and fed another business that’s happening and you’ve probably heard of it is rover.com is the uber for pet sitting supposedly on their platform rover.com people are making an extra thousand dollars a month instead of you trying to even create your own business you can go learn and see if it’s something you want to do via rover.com rover is not everywhere and if they’re just doing pet sitting maybe there’s other opportunities pet food pet walking and other ideas that you can do for pets this is opportunity number, Quattro.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events, you guys know why this is popular. Most in-person events were postpon, cance, or move to virtual formats in 2020, but I would tell people I don’t know about you are still scare of these large gatherings, and outdoor events look like the best solutions to keep everyone happy.