Charging a mobile phone 100 percent can be dangerous, find out what the reason is


Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives today.  The phone needs to be charged but being busy using the phone all day puts the phone in charge at night and charges the phone 100% which is detrimental.  Today we will tell you some things related to mobile charging which will prevent damage to your mobile.

 Learn why you should not charge 100% mobile

 Charging the mobile 100% damages the battery of the mobile.  Mobile batteries are made of lithium ion.  Lithium batteries work best when they are 30 to 50 percent charged.  Your battery can be damaged if you always charge it 100%

Do not charge by keeping the phone on the bed

 The reason why the mobile phone should not be charged even by placing it on the bed is that the phone gets hot during charging and if it is charged by placing it on the bed, it is likely to catch fire.  If the charger pin is bad and there is a slight spark in it, there may be a fire, due to which it is not advisable to charge the phone by placing the phone on the bed.

Let the phone battery discharge less than 30%

 It is also not correct to charge the phone after the battery is fully charged.  The phone should be put in charge when your phone’s battery is below 30%.

 Do not use the phone while charging

 Every time people use the phone by putting the mobile phone in charging but this habit is wrong.  The phone should not be used while actually charging.  If you keep using the phone, the mobile will take time in charging which is detrimental to the battery of the phone.