In this way you can earn from Google sitting at home, know its easy way!

 In today’s time everyone has more than one smartphone.  If you also use a smartphone, then by making better use of your phone, you can earn up to 50 thousand rupees every month and in this you will have to take help of Google.  What is this whole thing will tell you in detail but 

First of all, let us tell you that rewards are available on Google for additional income from which you can also earn.  In fact, Google Opinion Rewards makes it easy to take movie rentals or in-app purchases of your favorite game by answering a few simple questions.  Through which you can keep your opinion on any issue, in return of which you can also earn money.  So let’s know more about this.

Earning can be done very easily in Google Opinion Rewards.  For this, Google conducts surveys on different issues, which have to be joined.  What has to be done for this, then for this, first of all, this feature of Google has to be uploaded on your mobile.  By joining the survey, you can get 50 to 500 rupees in a day, although this means of earning is based on the survey.  During this, you can convert the money received into Google Reward Points and then use it to buy other online purchases or music or many other things.

 Earnings can also be done through ipoll.  This feature is an Ink Corporation smartphone that can earn extra money, it will get more money than Google Opinion.  By the way, both the features are almost the same, in which a survey has to be completed and for this you can get 100-1000 rupees.  Let us assume that there can be an income of 5 thousand to 50 thousand rupees from 50 surveys of the month.  However, it is worth noting that many conditions also apply.  Money is received through PayPal account or Amazon iTunes account