Privacy Policy

At, we have a privacy policy of our own. We have a privacy policy of our own. Before we start telling you all about it, it becomes essential to note that we treat many things as our priorities. One such priority is the privacy of the visitors who is it this Website. The following privacy policy points certain information about the kind of data collected and recorded by The privacy policy also contains information about how we use these collected details of the users we get as soon as you visit our Website.

There can be cases where the information provided in the following privacy policy might not be satisfactory for any user. Do not ever hesitate to contact us. Feel free to come up with any questions that you may have.

The following privacy policies apply to all the online activities done within this Website. They are applied to all the visitors to our Website in connection with the information they shared or is collected at 


As a user, you agree to the terms and conditions and the points mentioned under the privacy policy by using or being on the Website any further.

What Information Do We Collect?

Some things are very common to all websites. As soon as you open any website, most of the time, the user is asked to provide certain personal details. This is done with your full consent. The same thing is repeated here on our Website. Now you might be curious about the reasons for doing so. The reasons for the same I mentioned further below.

Whenever you choose to contact us directly, it becomes directly obvious that we are going to receive some additional information about you such as your phone number, your name, the contents of the message and the attachments attached with it, your email address and any other details about the information you choose to provide our Website.

There are times when you subscribe to our daily articles. We may ask for your information, including your name, your company’s name, your telephone number, your address, and your email address.

How Do We Use The Information?

We might use the information in the following ways :

  • To operate, provide and maintain the contents on our Website.
  • According to the feedback, we can develop any new services, features, products and functions.
  • Personal information helps us to not only improve but also personalize and expand our Website.
  • The communication can be either directly or through one of our partners. It can even be for customer service or provide you with any new information or updates related to the Website.
  • It helps to make the communication between the user and us much better.
  • It guides us to understand and analyze you have used our Website in particular.
  • We might need all of this information of yours to update you with regular emails.
  • It becomes important to note that this information is at times also used for marketing enter emotional purposes.

Having all this information about you also helps us take a step closer to finding and preventing any fraud.

Log Files :

Most of the websites have a standard procedure for certain things. Our Website uses the same standard procedure for using log files. These files log litters the moment they visit our Website. This is the usual procedure followed at any website. Hosting companies do this as a part of the hosting service’s analytics. Some of the information collected by the log files might be new to you. so important for you to know what it includes:

  • browser type
  • The IP address is also known as the Internet Protocol address
  • Datestamp
  • The ISP between the sentence service provider
  • Timestamp
  • Exit pages
  • Referring pages
  • At times even the number of clicks.

Another thing that becomes very important for the users to note is that all this information is not personally identifiable. The one reason behind this information being collected is analyzing trends, administrating the site, gathering demographic information and tracking users’ movements through the Website.

Cookies And Web Beacons :

All websites across the globe use cookies. Our Website is no different than other websites. This implies that our Website uses cookies too. This book reviews information for stop all this information includes the visitors’ preferences on their Website. And some of the pages that the visitor witness or access on the Website too. This feature is used not to trouble the users for stuff but to personalize the content based on the visitor’s preferences and other information. 

Google DoubleClick Dart Coookie :

There’s one more thing about websites that you need to know in particular. Many third-party vendors are present on the Website. While talking about our Website, Google is one of the third-party vendors. Google uses specific types of cookies. These cookies are known as DART Cookies. These cookies serve a special function. This special function is to provide ads to the site visitors based upon their Website to the visit and other similar websites on the Internet. But you do have a choice here. The user can choose to decline this function. You can do the same by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Our Advertising Partners :

Most of the websites have several advertisers on their Websites. Our main advertiser is listed below this paragraph. Many of the advertisers on websites use the cookies mentioned above and web beacons. There is one thing that the user always needs to keep in mind and have complete knowledge about. Every advertising partner has a privacy policy for its policies on user data. So it becomes important for the user to know the advertiser’s privacy policy in detail. The link for the same is given below.

Advertising Partners Privacy Policy :

All third-party advertisement servers or networks use technologies like JavaScript, cookies or web beacons. These are used in their respective advertisements, and the links for the same appear on our Website. All of these links are sent directly to the user’s browser. Due to this, they do not need to ask for your IP address, but they get it automatically when this happens. All of these measures are taken to assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns. Further, they are used to personalize all the content served to the audience, that is, the users for advertising according to their preference.

Third-Party Private Policies :

It is important for the readers that no two privacy policies are the same. The privacy policy of our Website does not apply to any other advertisers or websites. As a result, it becomes essential to consult the respective privacy policy of the external ad servers or websites to get any details that the user wants. By doing this, you as a user might come to know about the practice and instructions about how to follow and unfollow certain options.

You can even choose to disable cookies through their browsing options.


What Is CCPA?

It stands for California consumer privacy act.

According to this act, special rights are provided to California consumers for the following reasons :

  • Request that the business or Website that regularly collects the users’ data disclose what information has been collected concerning the user.
  • The user can even request the business to delete the personal information about the consumer that has been already collected.
  • You can even request a business to sell the consumer’s private data not to do so.
  • In case you request our Website, we have a month to respond to the request. In case you would like to exercise any of these rights, please get in touch with us.

GDPR data protection rights

Every user has certain rights. The user needs to know the same.

  • The right to access copies of your data that has been collected. A certain amount of fee might be charged for the SIM.
  • The right to rectify any information that the user believes to be inaccurate or even complete and information that seems to be incomplete by the end-user.
  • The right to erasure ensures that the users can request the other Website erase their data under certain conditions.
  • The right to restrict personal processing data and this certain conditions.
  • The right took Jack to process off your data under certain conditions.
  • The right to data portability. This right enables you to transfer the data that we have collected to another organization or directly to you under certain conditions, as in when you make a request.
  • In case you want to request the same, we have one month to respond to the same. If you would like to make a request, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any point in time.

Children’s information

Children are very a priority always. There’s some information that needs to be protected from the children while they’re using the Internet. It is always advised that the parents and guardians should be attentive to what their child views online.

I will Website does not willingly and knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children below the age of 13 years. By any chance for me, few think your child has submitted any such information to our Website; we would recommend you to contact us immediately first stop and trust us, we will do our best to remove any such information if it exists by any chance in our records.