Top 4 Cryptocurrency to invest in 2021|Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now

Friends, in today’s blog, I will tell you four cryptocurrencies that can make you a millionaire in two to three years. So if you invest in Cryptocurrency, you can easily make your 1 lakh and 1 lakh crore 1000 very easily. But the risk is also higher in cryptocurrency, so this blog is for educational purposes. If you are investing in Cryptocurrency, do it at your own risk and remember that if you can multiply your money by 100, the loss can also be the highest, so invest as much as you want to take the risk. No matter how much you believe in life. Never invest in debt because everyone can get into big trouble. Let’s find out the names of 4 crypto friends.


So friends, our number one cryptocurrency, also known as Polygon It (Matic). Friends, the main purpose of its crypto is to provide fast transactions in Ethereum blockchain. The biggest problem with most cryptocurrencies is that their transactions take longer. If you want to send Ethereum from one person to another, it takes a long time, then this Cryptocurrency, which is POLYGON, solved this problem and provided fast transactions.

Along with this, the transaction fee it has is less than the rest of the Cryptocurrency, and it is the Cryptocurrency. This is an India based cryptocurrency, i.e. this currency has been developed in India, and MARK CUBAN, an American billion entrepreneur, has also invested in it. POLYGON is likely to grow because of the increasing interest of investors in it that it provides fast transactions. Recently, Bollywood has announced that it will partner with the consulting wing of Infosys, which is India’s largest tech company—going to do.

  • Now, if you look at a friend’s return, he’s returned 5044{c9b5b02a3c2acdfae35e582ef39ab8f9f3834dee230a627f506d4bc1f3ae166a} last year.
  • If you had invested Rs 1 lakh, it would have been Rs 51 lakh and if you had invested Rs 1,000, it would have been Rs 51,000. But this is according to what you are saying now, the lowest price a year ago was 0.97
  • Its highest price is Rs 219.4022. Still, you know that a few months ago it crashed into cryptocurrency, then its price dropped a lot, now it is back at Rs 118 and it could rise further.

Market Rank

Now, if you look at its market rank , it is in the 17th rank. Its market capitalization is Rs 77,298 crore and its circulating supplier is Rs 648 crore. But I told you before, and I will say it again, maybe after a while it will be ten times 20 times 30 times whatever, but if it falls, it can fall accordingly. Just invest as much money as you can, even if the loss does not make a difference in your lifestyle.


We all know the name of our second cryptocurrency and its name is Bitcoin . There are several reasons for including Bitcoin in this list. First, if you ask me what is the safest cryptocurrency, I will tell you that no cryptography is safe if you do a long-term search, when the price of Bitcoin goes down, there are many places to reduce it. Intermediaries are always ready and for most people crypto is bitcoin. What they don’t know is that there are many cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin, which is why Bitcoin is so popular.

  • He has returned 310{c9b5b02a3c2acdfae35e582ef39ab8f9f3834dee230a627f506d4bc1f3ae166a} in the last year, which is four times the amount.
  • If you had invested 1 lakh 1 year ago, it would have been 4 lakh, and I am talking about this opinion after crypto crash, that is, after crypto crash, if you had invested for a year, you would have made a great profit.

Market Rank

The market for Bitcoin is 1. Its market capitalization is 69,18,599. Bitcoin is a significant investment. The second is that Bitcoin is widely accepted as a form of payment, so you can also buy a product with Bitcoin and Tesla may not accept Bitcoin as a payment mode, but Bitcoin is accepted as a payment mode in many places. Third, its circulating supply is lower than the rest of the cryptocurrency, there are only two million bitcoins available in the market, and it is always in demand, so the chances of a price increase are very high. After a long and recent crash, the fourth is the right time to buy a bid, after which you can think long term.


Our next cryptocurrency, Ethereum is named after Bitcoin , Ethereum comes on the market only on the 2nd. Etherium follows the blockchain protocol. This means that no third party is required to send and receive funds therein. It is also designed for Etherium cryptocurrency. It is also used as a payment mode like Bitcoin to the user in Ethereum network. Some websites like Shopify, Overstock accept Etherium as a method of payment.

  • Right now, an Ethereum is priced at Rs 2,50,617 RS, but I have already told you that you can buy them infraction, so you can buy Ethereum for Rs 100 if you want.
  • Despite the crypto crash, it has returned 740.86{c9b5b02a3c2acdfae35e582ef39ab8f9f3834dee230a627f506d4bc1f3ae166a} over the past year. If you had doubled your money eight times, if you had invested Rs 1 lakh, it would have been around Rs 8 lakh.

Market Rank

It is second only to Bitcoin. The market capitalization is Rs 28,90,024 crore and the revolving supplier is Rs 12 crore. ETH, i.e., many Ethereum are also available in the market.
This trading activity changes from time to time because no one can say how many buyers there will be, how many sellers there will be at that time, and the price of cryptocurrency also keeps going 27/7, so by the time you see the price, the price will have changed.


Which is the last cryptocurrency on our list? His name may have been heard recently and his name is Cando (ADA). This cryptocurrency has recently become the largest cryptocurrency. After Bitcoin and Etherium, there will be an update this September. Nowadays its price has increased a lot, and this coin has also been authorized in Japan, which is the most demandin g criterion for cryptocurrency.

  • The most important thing about cryptocurrency is that it is an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency. In contrast, Bitcoin and Etherium are not energy efficient
  • Their price may increase significantly in the future and their price is currently running at 216.974. She has recovered very quickly
  • Last year it returned 2383{c9b5b02a3c2acdfae35e582ef39ab8f9f3834dee230a627f506d4bc1f3ae166a}. That is, if you had invested your money 24 times in 1000, it would have been 24 thousand and if you had invested 1 lakh, it would have been 24 lakh.

Market Rank

It ranks third in the market and now has a market capitalization of Rs 6,89,007 crore. Its broadcast supply is Rs 3,213 crore. The fact that ADA and now 75{c9b5b02a3c2acdfae35e582ef39ab8f9f3834dee230a627f506d4bc1f3ae166a} of people are buying and 25{c9b5b02a3c2acdfae35e582ef39ab8f9f3834dee230a627f506d4bc1f3ae166a} of people are buying is also a positive sign.

So friends want to invest in Cryptocurrency, then you can think of this four Cryptocurrency, but friends, remember that the risk of cryptocurrency is high, then invest as much money as you are willing to forget. If you invest, I urge you not to be afraid of small fluctuations, control your emotions and try to invest in the long run.