What is Network Marketing ? Benefit and precaution

You must have also hear a lot about network marketing because nowadays, this marketing is being talk about everywhere because there is a different marketing model, and many companies have been adopting this marketing model for a long time. In such a situation, you must also keep information about network marketing; only then will you join it and make a profit.

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What is network marketing?

First of all, know what network marketing is. Network marketing is one such business model. In this, people join in the form of a pyramid and sell the product of a company. Each distributor, i.e., a member of this network, is an independent sales representative. People joining this network get a fixed commission for selling the product. Whenever they sell a fund or a new member add to the network sells a product, each participant in this business model is called IPU, i.e., Independent Business Owners, because they promote their business themselves. The product is delivered to a consumer through network marketing, i.e., the organic sale is made.

  • Network marketing is also call multi level marketing.
  • Also known as Cellular Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Consumer Direct Marketing Referral Marketing.
  • And companies like home-based business franchisees Amway and Tupperware have many names in network marketing to sell their products.


After knowing what network marketing is, let’s try to understand it with an example. In general, if you sell a company’s product in marketing, you will get the corresponding payment or commission for that product. But network marketing is a little different and advanced than this. How to understand it like this.

How to understand it like this.

Suppose you are associat with a company, and you sold its product to your friend. By doing this, you got a commission from the company, but if your friend also sold that product of the same company to his friend, then what do you think. Who will get the commission? not your friend. In network marketing, your friend will also get his commission, and you will also get a fixed percentage of his commission.

Now the question is, why will you get commission this time when your friend has sent the product. This is network marketing that all the people in your network who will sell that product will get a commission from it. So in this way, this pyramid keeps on increasing. Its members keep selling the company’s products to new people and include them as their equals. The pyramid becomes very big, and every member gets commission according to their position in the pyramid, with every new member’s addition. Keeps on increasing.

The benefit of Network Marketing

Having understood network marketing, now we are talking about the benefits of this marketing model, which organizations follow the business model of network marketing market and sell their products. They do not take the help of any distribution channel but are involv in such non-profit. Those who get commission every time they sell are give responsibility.

  • You don’t have to invest a lot of money to join this network and there is no need to invest time.
  • In this type of model, participants also get attractive discounts and offers as they are also customers of that network.
  • This business model does not need to advertise as much as other business models because personal marketing is more effective than advertising.
  • This marketing pyramid network becomes more extensive and with it, the commission of each participant also increases.
  • This network is a commission-based network in which participants are not paid any fixed salary, but the better they work, the higher their commission, i.e. profit, will also increase.

Precaution of Network Marketing

Knowing so many benefits of network marketing, it should not be consider a perfect model. Still, its other aspect should also be look at because such companies often come into the market, which attracts people only by showing fraud plans and taking their money. If she runs away, then there is a great need to be cautious with these companies. Before joining a company, it is also necessary to inquire, even if it is a relative of yours or a friend.

Before joining any network marketing company, you need to know the answers to these questions.

  • What are the principles of that company ?
  • What is the track record of the founder of that company ?
  • How training is provided in that company. Do you find the company’s products useful ?
  • Do you think the quality and price of that product is reasonable ?
  • Will people close to you be eager to buy and use that product ?
  • Whether the products of this company have been promoted ?

then the answers to all such questions will tell you whether that company is correct and whether you will earn a good commission by adding to the net worth of that company.


Friends, nowadays there is a lot of competition, and in the desire to get a little more, people often go wrong because people have a lot to show but who is real or not, all these investigations have to be done by you. So don’t come to anyone’s point, do all the research by taking a relaxing time from your side and only then move forward because here all the money of your blood and sweat is being spent, your time is going to make sure that you take the time comfortably and calmly. Do the research and then go ahead and connect the rest of the people with yourself,

So friends, what is network marketing and by joining it, how can they make a profit, and what is essential to be careful of, you have learned with it. Along with this, it also has to be remember that whether you want to work in any company or to earn through network marketing, you will have to work hard because, without hard work, it cannot earn you.

Yes, it is true that by joining network marketing, you can earn good money quickly and for the long term. If you will go with a strategy and work hard in the right direction. so All the best