Why do married women fall in love with a virgin boy after marriage?

Marriage is considered to be a sacred relationship, therefore it is essential to strengthen this relationship and to maintain it for a long time, it requires a lot of sweetness and trust and loyalty to each other. But often women or men betray their partner. And another place is Love Affair.

Even for men it is said that they soon get caught up in seeing other beautiful girls.

But when a woman does this, everyone is surprised. Whenever you hear that a married woman is having an affair with a boy, we start to talk about the woman in the same way. But has anyone ever wondered why a woman finally gives her heart to a boy even after marriage? In fact there are many cars behind it that we will tell you today.

૧. Women are beginning to imagine what happiness they will get from their husbands before marriage. Then when she gets married and her husband cannot give her all that happiness, he is attracted to other boys.

૨. Nowadays young boys are also more favored by married women. Also, these women live in great tension from their families and do not receive any special honor there. Whenever a boy gives her a higher price, the woman gives her heart.

૩. Often a woman is happy in her father-in-law, but she does not get physical happiness from her husband. To meet this deficiency it also falls into the dilemma of other boys.

૪. Often women husbands are so busy at work that they cannot give their wife much time. Also the virgin boys are back all day. They give these women more time.

૫. As women age, their physical arousal also increases. And he likes to be more energized and healthy boys. A boy whose stamina is high. When the husband’s body does not conform to it, he is attracted to the boy outside.

૬. Some women unfortunately find a husband who kills her and considers her a slave. After getting tired of her husband’s jealousy, women start looking for help from others. On the other hand, the virgin boys are also ready to trap such unhappy women in their traps. This is how the love affair between the two begins.